1. You want to start at the drumkit but never made the first step?

As a beginner the first steps can be quite confusing. Which equipment should I choose? What should I actually play and practise at the drumkit? How can I learn new beats? And much more!
All this confusion can lead to not starting at all or to randomly practising this and that without progressing at all.

you get a clear and easy to follow guide on all of that and much much more! Learn everything you need from the first steps to pro level with clearly structured courses who are all built upon each other and make practising highly efficient. Don`t waste your time on the drumkit anymore but improve faster and easier!

2. You do band rehearsals but they aren`t really productive and you don`t get things done?

A few key factors are crucial to progress as a band and to make effective band rehearsals. Without this knowledge band rehearsals often become just jam sessions, which can be fun but will not bring you closer to your goals as a band. The Nechtan Drum School provides you with lessons on rehearsals, band live performance and more which will benefit you and your whole band!

3. Do you struggle with Double Bass drumming?

Many drummers are frustrated when it comes to double bass drumming! Which foot technique is the right one for me? How should I practise? How does the technique work? Which pedal settings are the best for me? Which pedal should I choose? And much more.

Here two things are needed for your success: Knowledge and practise. Within the Drum School you will learn everything you need about Double Bass drumming. Theory, technique and practise. Through highly effective workouts and exercises you will finally solve all your double bass issues.

4. Do you struggle with your hand technique and blast beats?

You don´t get the push-pull technique done properly? You lose coordination at higher speeds? Your wrists or fingers are hurting?

These are just a few problems which come up to many drummers and I had the same issues. The good thing is that I solved all of them and will show you how to solve them too and how to avoid new problems!

5. You are facing a speed barrier and can`t get through it?

You don`t know what to do because you try to get faster for many months or even years now but don`t get the desired results?

Here you will get highly effective tips and workouts to finally break through these speed barriers. Sometimes it can be a very simple thing like for example the foot position on the bass drum pedal. Also personal feedback can solve this issue. This is the reason why I will be there for you whenever you have a question to help you out.

6. There are many more challenges which you are facing right now or will face in the future!

The Drum School is here to make your life easier and help you to practise with more fun while getting better results than ever before!

New features:

This is version 2.0 of the Wanja [Nechtan] Gröger - Drum School!
First launched in May 2020 the Nechtan Drum School has helped many drummers to get amazing results at the drumkit and to reach their drumming goals.
Now and through all the experience, feedback and new aquired knowledge we searched for a way to make the drum school even better.
Progress is what drives us drummers and humans and so we found a way to give you even more value for the same money.

Within the Wanja [Nechtan] Gröger - Drum School 2.0 you will get access to a bunch of different courses including the bestsellers "Double Bass: Maximum Performance" and "Blast Beats: Extreme Performance".

The exact number of courses isn`t disclosed yet but there will be more than 10 courses worth way more than 1.000$ in total! On top you will get my personal support and an exclusive video-lexicon which explains all kinds of terms and vocabulary regarding extreme metal drumming and the drumkit.

You will be able to either purchase lifetime access to single courses or to get access to all of them with a yearly membership.

You will get full access to all courses directly after you joined the Drum School, fully automatic!

Get results:

This is what it is all about: Getting results and having fun on the way to do that!
There is nothing comparable to the Drum School out there. Every single topic is covered from the beginnings to ultra-professional!
All courses built upon each other and follow a clear path. Depending on your current skill level you can just start with the course which is most beneficial for you. I will explain everything and where to start in the Welcome-video of the Drum School. Of course you can also do several courses at once like for example blast beats, double bass and studio drumming. The possibilities are endless! Now it is up to you!

  • How to setup your drumkit

  • How to hit the drums

  • How to hit the bass drum

  • Different stick grips overview

  • Find the best stick grip for you

  • Basics of double bass

  • How to start playing blast beats

  • Advanced double bass techniques overview

  • Advanced hand techniques overview

  • Heel-toe single strokes in-depth tutorial

  • Ankle Motion in-depth tutorial

  • Push-Pull in-depth tutorial

  • Finger Motion/Flying Fingers in-depth tutorial

  • Beginner double bass and blast beat exercises

  • Advanced double bass and blast beat exercises

  • Pro double bass and blast beat exercises

  • How to make a good band rehearsal

  • Best practises for studio drumming

  • Live drummming tips

  • Touring tips

  • Live big stage tips

  • Live monitoring solutions

  • Drum triggers overview, installation and settings

  • Find the best pedal settings for yourself

  • Advanced and pro coordination exercises

  • Your first rudiment and rockbeats

  • You first metalbeats

  • Single and Double-stroke fill in explanation and best practises

  • Hundreds of different workouts and exercises

  • And much more!

Included courses:
- More then 8 courses will follow until launch!
- Worth more than 1000$!
- More than 1000 videos!


  • I have never played drums before, can I still start with the drum school?

    Yes, definetely! With the beginner courses you will get all infos about equipment choice, how to set up your drum kit, how to hold your sticks your first exercises and much more! This is perfect to start and make your first achievements fast.

  • On which devices can I use the Drum School?

    You can access the Drum School on all devices like smartphones, tablets and PC`s.

  • I don`t have a Paypal account, is there another way to pay?

    Paypal is the easiest way to do it and in some countries you don`t need a paypal account for the payment. Please check if you have chosen the correct country. If it doesn`t work, please contact us at info(at)wanjanechtangroeger.com so we can find another solution for you.

  • How can I cancel the membership?

    If you decide to cancel the membership, you can do that whenever you want directly at your paypal account. If you subscribed without a paypal-account just write an email to info[at]wanjanechtangroeger.com and we will cancel the membership for you. The payment and your access will stop at the day the next payment would have been.

  • How does the pre-order work?

    When you pre-order you will get full access to Double Bass: Maximum Performance directly after your order for free!
    At the full launch date (1st September 2021) you will get access to the complete Drum School. You pay your first year now and the next payment will be made 1 year after the full launch date. You can cancel your membership at any time at your paypal account!

  • I just want to learn double bass drumming or just blast beats, should I get the specific course or join the Drum School?

    In this case I recommend to just get the specific course because you have lifetime-access for that. If you want to improve your overall-drumming I recommend the Drum School because this way you will safe a lot of money and have all knowledge accessible.

  • What are the costs of the drum school?

    Your first year in the Drum School costs 179$, than it costs 199$ per every following year. You can cancel at any time.

  • I´m already in the Drum School, do I also get access to the version 2.0?

    Yes, you can upgrade for free as soon as the version 2.0 is launched at the 1st September.

Time-limited offer!
Full launch at 1st September 2021

- 1̶9̶9̶$̶ just 179$ for your first year, than 199$ per year
- Full acces to Double Bass: Maximum Performance now FOR FREE