Double Bass drumming is great but also challenging...

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In metal drumming, speed is needed in many songs.

In this course you will learn how I am able to play at 280 bpm (Single Strokes!). With this knowledge and workouts you have all the tools to also reach this level!
Playing fast is very cool. To make good use of the speed, we must however be able to hold a fast tempo for longer periods of time!
With 4 movements per motion cycle instead of just two, heel toe single strokes is the right technique to get there!

This technique helps me to play 16th notes straight at 230 bpm for 10 minutes or at 240 bpm for 5 minutes without break! You want to learn it? Get Double Bass: Maximum Performance NOW!
We don`t want to tap the bassdrum, we want to hit it!

Learn how to make powerful and consistent hits which allows you to be hearable with or without trigger!
Without precision all the rest is useless. Who wants to listen to 250bpm double bass when it is completely out of time? Nobody!
But don`t worry! With Double Bass: Maximum Performance you will learn how to train and master your precision!

Wanja [Nechtan] Gröger

About me

Wanja Gröger was born in September 1988 in Hamburg, Germany.
Already as a little child he enjoyed drumming on all kinds of things and getting on peoples nerves. He started taking piano lessons at the age of 4, learning musical basics like notes and patterns.
At the age of 12 Wanja started to play the drums in a school orchestra. At this time he didn`t practice much until the age of 16 (back in 2005), when he got in touch with metal music for the first time.

From this point on, he focused on metal and extreme metal drumming and started practising a lot and regularly. Shortly after, he began taking drum lessons from Peza Boutnari, who didn't even know something like "extreme metal" existed. But Wanja immediately saw the great potential that his special techniques would have in a metal context!
Since over 10 years ago, Wanja plays international live shows and has been on tour with e.g. Keep Of Kalessin, Negator and Craving. He recorded his first studio album in 2012 and since then contributes to a growing number of releases. He has 18 Years of drumming experience and 14 years of metal drumming experience!

Wanjas YouTube channel started off with his first video in the beginning of 2008, his first tutorial was uploaded in 2013. Since then his videos have been clicked more than 8 million times and his tutorials alone have over 5 million views, having helped drummers across the globe learning new techniques and developing their skills.
In the last 3 years his followers have increased eightfold in number and today more than 50.000 people follow him from all over the world on Youtube and other social media.

In all his years of hard work and practise he gained a lot of experience and developed unique training methods to push stamina, precision and speed. Properly trained and applied, the functional and effective techniques he uses, offer a whole set of new possibilities in extreme metal drumming!


Double Bass: Maximum Performance

What you will learn

  • Double bass pedal and equipment choice

  • Pedal settings

  • Theory of drumming technique in general

  • Why Heel-Toe single strokes?

  • Heel-Toe single stroke technique explained in every detail

  • Exercises to train your mucle memory

  • Exercises to train your stamina

  • Exercises to train your speed

  • Exercises to train your precision

  • And much more!!!


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    For your whole life. After your purchase you can access and repeat this course as often as you like.

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    You can access the online course on all your devices like smartphone, computer, laptop or tablet.

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